Email Housekeeping


My email messages are piling up… and about to lose memory. Is there a way to delete in groups as opposed to doing it individually?


I have the same problem. I need to clean up every once in a while.

Depending on what program you use, the procedure may be different. Let’s use Mozilla Thunderbird as an example. What I do is double click on the top of the DATE column  (where the title of that column is) and that action arranges all the emails chronologically. If you click the title (DATE) again, it reverses — with the oldest on top and the newest at the bottom. I then decide that all emails past (say 2019) are all useless. Then I

  • choose all the emails earlier than 2019
  • hold shift
  • scroll down all the way to the bottom (still holding shift)
  • then (while all the old emails are selected) hit the delete key
  • depending on how many you select, it will take a few seconds or even minutes

Then I do the same with the names of the people who delivered the email. I double click the title (CORRESPONDENCE) and the emails are alphabetically arranged. It’s easier to delete once you group the emails according to people who have any relevance in your life. Do this with the rest of the columns.

After you are done deleting the emails, remember that they are still in your TRASH folder(s). Before you delete your trash, delete your JUNK folder first because you will transfer your JUNK to your TRASH so you need not delete TRASH twice. Right click on that/those folders and select EMPTY FOLDER.

I hope this helps.



Help Paradise & Butte County Fire Victims

WYNK is working with the Bailey Romero Law firm. They have a heart for the victims of the 2019 Paradise and Butte County fire. Although the tragedy does not share the regular headlines anymore, there are countless families still in limbo.

There’s a lot of blame shifting going on — who’s responsible? Who pays for what? In the center of the controversy is the Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) that filed for bankruptcy on January 29, 2019. What that means is the victims will need to absorb all the loss. The Bailey Romero Law firm have started a funding campaign to help. You can contact them for more details.

Southern California Office: 12518 Beverly Boulevard, Whittier, CA 90601


If you know anyone who needs legal help we highly recommend the team of Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) and Attorney Martha Romero. They are seasoned attorneys and know the ins and outs of the legal system.

iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services) – Fake! Scam!

I reported iDNS to the post office a few months ago warning them that this company was doing improper … yes, even fraudulent activities. Technically they are still within the legal bounds but in actuality, they are deceptive in their approach. They are scam artists! And I can prove it. Read on.

If you own a domain and you get a letter from iDNS watch out! The letter comes with a warning  — “Domain Name Expiration Notice” which will scare the non-techies to send their credit card information to them.

The letter looks like this:


If you get this in your mailbox (not email box) relax. These guys just got your information through easily accessible data. That’s all the “authenticity” they can boast of. This is why they are able to fool a lot of people.

If you read the small print it says in Bold letters ” This notice is not a bill.” Then it reveals what they want you to do. They want you to TRANSFER your web hosting to them for 4 times the price you would normally pay.

They also include a return envelope (not even with a stamp — ie. you have to pay for your response letter to them so that they can screw you!) that is addressed to:


Internet Domain Services Inc
925 Bergen Ave., Suite #289
Jersey City, NJ 07306-3018

Obviously, you will want to burn that letter. Please warn all your friends.

Making Signage for the La Habra Art Walk

“Can you make 2 signs for the La Habra Art Walk? We’ll buy all the materials so we can go with you to the hardware store … and by the way, we need it tomorrow.”

That was how we started this project. Immediately, concepts were floating in my mind:

“What if, instead of a regular sign pointing the way to the Art Walk … what if I recreate a famous painting and have whoever is in that painting pointing to the Art Walk?”

We were walking around the aisles of the hardware store and we were looking at different boards and selecting the paints, and the whole time I’m thinking that I will have to drop everything and work on this tonight. Will I have time? After all, the wooden panels we bought were huge — 4 feet square. Will I have all the materials I need? No more time for buying more supplies.

I decided to do a famous abstract painting and a famous classical painting. I chose Picasso’s “Girl Before a Mirror” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa.”

I did a little research for the original pictures then — paint rollers came off the shelf, painting tarp was spread on the floor, my box of acrylic paints were laid out, I set music to play in the background then I started splish-splashing away! 5 hours later, I came up with this:


It was late at night and I went to bed wondering if I would have time to make the Mona Lisa. I dreamed about what I was going to do in the morning.

The sun was just about to show itself and I proceeded to do Leonardo’s masterpiece. Do I do it cartoon style or do I do it realistically? I knew I didn’t have enough time because not only did I have to make the sketches, the text, then, after all of the painting, I would still need to let it dry. Cartoon style is easy. Classical style is difficult.

I pondered and said, I’d do it the hard way. I liked the challenge.  Splish splash I was at it again. 4 hours later, it was done. Behold my Mona Lisa!


I know her face looks kinda weird. But hey, I was running out of time and  I think people will get the idea.

My good deed was done. People loved it.

“That’s amazing Raoul!” said Michelle.

“Dude, that’s freakin’ awesome!” said Miguel.

“That looks great Raoul!” said Anna.

My good deed was done. End of story.


The final look:



Fence Art in La Habra

WYNK Marketing is making plans for a “Love La Habra” event. On April 29, 2017 hundreds of volunteers will be scattered around the neighborhood to show unity and love.  Pre-selected areas will be cleaned up and beautified.


WYNK is part of the board of the La Habra Art Walk and we wondered what we could do to help the Washington Middle School. What can the Art Walk do that will 1) promote art, 2) engage the community and 3) help the school? Do we paint the walls? Do a mural? Do we paint signs? WYNK came up with Fence Art. WYNK will design the artwork and groups of children/volunteers will be assigned sections of the fence.


With the help and encouragement of Michelle Bernier and the Art Walk board WYNK consulted with Principal Mario Carlos who said the neighborhood (which is mostly Hispanic) is nervous about the INS (Immigration and Naturalization System) and are afraid to join public gatherings. He wants the community to feel safe and have a purpose. Carlos said he wants the kids to look forward to college.


Raoul Pascual, Jeff Bernier, Michelle Bernier and Principal Mario Carlos.


WYNK developed a concept of putting colored cups on the perimeter fence. (We’ve seen it in some fences but we have never really done this but in theory, the plan should work.) Originally, the concept was to design a fence with children running and even having an animation that can be seen at night. After some preliminary calculations we decided it would be too ambitious for the first attempt.


Then we thought of a train with a long caboose with the name of the school.


But after the talk with Principal Carlos we learned that their mascot was “The Patriots.” So we adjusted our idea to have the famous painting of the marching patriots translated into “pixels” — where one slot of the fence equals one pixel.



Here is the concept:



Here is the projected pixel artwork.




It took several hours of experimentation but we believe we’re ready for March 29.  If you’re in the area and free, come and join us. It should be quite an experiment.