Website Makeover

We’re proud to announce a newly completed website makeover for Financial Wellness Tower. The old site was created by a tech guy who understood function but had little understanding of design. He installed several proprietary coding that was hard to update and even fix.



The client was frustrated because requested changes were not being done. Functions were not working and the programmer was unresponsive for days.  The transition was difficult because the programmer was hard to get in touch with. And when he did communicate it was hard for him to explain what was going on.  He really tried his best (and we thank him for that) but it clearly was not working.

We decided to revamp the site from scratch. To comb through the coding would have taken so much more time and we believed they were defective to begin with.

The client was highly creative … an idea person. She was as expert of her industry but not a detailed person. We understood that and we would bounce ideas around to make sure we understood her concept.


This is what we did:

  • We registered a new domain, one that was shorter and easier to remember.
  • Determined what theme and plugins we needed.
  • She gave us the raw text and we edited and laid them out with appropriate pictures.
  • We translated them into Spanish and Chinese.
  • Wrote some special programming when popular templates couldn’t do the job.
  • Created call-to-action opportunities  with forms and banner ads.
  • Modified the illustrations.
  • Created a new logo to help branding.
  • Improved the download time.
  • Improved the navigation.
  • Uploaded the video lessons.
  • Set up a payment system.
  • Created a Forum.

Here is what the new website looks like:

The client is happy. She has gotten a lot of positive feedback. We are happy because we made her dream come true. Do go and visit the Financial Wellness Tower. This is a fun website that teaches you to become a smart spender/saver through animated video lessons. It has quizes, workbooks and transcripts.

Get in touch with us if you’re a dreamer. We make dreams come true.