Why do we need your services?
Do you hire plumbers? How about mechanics? You hire experts because it isn’t cost effective to do some things yourself. The WYNK Team is your marketing specialist. You take care of what you do best (be it manufacturing a product or offering a service) and we’ll make sure you’re hitting the right market.

What makes you different from everyone else?
The WYNK team is composed of people who have experience in branding, in handling profit and non-profit organizations, in technology, in research, in training, and we’re easy to talk to.

How much does it cost?
Price is as varied as the menu in a restaurant. We understand your need to stay within budget and your need for the best quality. WYNK believes that affordability and quality can actually co-exist. Yes, there is a God in heaven! Give us a call and we’ll prove that to you.

What is the difference between a marketing company and an advertising agency? Is WYNK either one of these?
Marketing companies help you plan out strategies to sell your product while advertising companies help you package your product and advertise to your target market. WYNK is a little of both. We’re not happy to simply create your corporate ID but we’d like to help you use this to boost your sales. We tell you What You Need to Know.

Do you make house calls?
As long as there’s a free meal we’ll be there. Seriously, we’d love to visit and discover what your special needs are. We can also arrange a conference call in case some of the key parties are out of town.

How long does it take to develop a corporate ID?
This is dependent on how organized the client is. Some clients have definite ideas and have well organized documents that make analysis a breeze. Other clients have visions in their head that need a Madame Olga to translate to earthly terms. Needless to say, the more organized the client is, the faster the process and the lower the cost.