Help Paradise & Butte County Fire Victims

WYNK is working with the Bailey Romero Law firm. They have a heart for the victims of the 2019 Paradise and Butte County fire. Although the tragedy does not share the regular headlines anymore, there are countless families still in limbo.

There’s a lot of blame shifting going on — who’s responsible? Who pays for what? In the center of the controversy is the Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) that filed for bankruptcy on January 29, 2019. What that means is the victims will need to absorb all the loss. The Bailey Romero Law firm have started a funding campaign to help. You can contact them for more details.

Southern California Office: 12518 Beverly Boulevard, Whittier, CA 90601


If you know anyone who needs legal help we highly recommend the team of Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) and Attorney Martha Romero. They are seasoned attorneys and know the ins and outs of the legal system.

iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services) – Fake! Scam!

I reported iDNS to the post office a few months ago warning them that this company was doing improper … yes, even fraudulent activities. Technically they are still within the legal bounds but in actuality, they are deceptive in their approach. They are scam artists! And I can prove it. Read on.

If you own a domain and you get a letter from iDNS watch out! The letter comes with a warning  — “Domain Name Expiration Notice” which will scare the non-techies to send their credit card information to them.

The letter looks like this:


If you get this in your mailbox (not email box) relax. These guys just got your information through easily accessible data. That’s all the “authenticity” they can boast of. This is why they are able to fool a lot of people.

If you read the small print it says in Bold letters ” This notice is not a bill.” Then it reveals what they want you to do. They want you to TRANSFER your web hosting to them for 4 times the price you would normally pay.

They also include a return envelope (not even with a stamp — ie. you have to pay for your response letter to them so that they can screw you!) that is addressed to:


Internet Domain Services Inc
925 Bergen Ave., Suite #289
Jersey City, NJ 07306-3018

Obviously, you will want to burn that letter. Please warn all your friends.