With the advent of stock photos online, many businesses have access to photographs and illustrations that were once only accessible to big budgeted companies. Isn’t that wonderful? However, that advantage is available to your competitors as well. That means there is no exclusivity for the use of those images (for the most part). Often, your competitors choose the same related images since you share the same industry. We’ve seen some embarrassing situations where the same image was used in side by side competitive displays in a convention. Talk about Branding Confusion! So how can you stand out in this sea of plain-Jane advertising?

WYNK Marketing can produce an original illustration for your institutional needs. These high resolution images can be in dramatic black and white or in tantalizing color. Furthermore, they can be rendered in a variety of mediums. We can lay it out for you in print or in the internet. We can print business cards, posters, billboards and everything else in between. Give us a call and let’s brainstorm on that perfect piece of original art.



Digital Art

Francisco Yepes

Conte Crayon

Death Dealer

Acrylic Painting

Digital Art

Vector File


Abstract Art


Dry Marker

Digital map and pencil drawings

Mixed Media

Grandpa and grandson

Acrylic Painting


Pen and Ink

Cyrano de Bergerac

Chinese Brush


Graphite Pencil

African Youth


All original artwork by Raoul Pascual of WYNK Marketing. Some of the originals like the master harpist, Francisco Yepes, rendered in Conte Crayon were huge. The Yepes poster was used in Lincoln Center in New York and stood about 5 feet tall. The copy of Frank Frazzeta's "The Death Dealer was rendered in acrylics on a 4 foot high craft paper and created in 5 hours flat. To save time and cost, most of the artwork nowadays are rendered in pencils or inks and colorized in Photoshop.



This was used as the company brand from business cards to company truck.



Political cartoon of the OJ Simpsom trial

Below are quick sketches that are great for conceptual drawings of architectural structures. When you need images that are no longer available, say a historical period, or a crime scene, if you can describe it, we can probably do it.

Key West 1 Key West 2 Key West 3


Below are 4′ x 4′ one-of-a-kind signs made under 5 hours each. Painted on plywood boards using acrylic paints.  picasso-point