Making Signage for the La Habra Art Walk

“Can you make 2 signs for the La Habra Art Walk? We’ll buy all the materials so we can go with you to the hardware store … and by the way, we need it tomorrow.”

That was how we started this project. Immediately, concepts were floating in my mind:

“What if, instead of a regular sign pointing the way to the Art Walk … what if I recreate a famous painting and have whoever is in that painting pointing to the Art Walk?”

We were walking around the aisles of the hardware store and we were looking at different boards and selecting the paints, and the whole time I’m thinking that I will have to drop everything and work on this tonight. Will I have time? After all, the wooden panels we bought were huge — 4 feet square. Will I have all the materials I need? No more time for buying more supplies.

I decided to do a famous abstract painting and a famous classical painting. I chose Picasso’s “Girl Before a Mirror” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa.”

I did a little research for the original pictures then — paint rollers came off the shelf, painting tarp was spread on the floor, my box of acrylic paints were laid out, I set music to play in the background then I started splish-splashing away! 5 hours later, I came up with this:


It was late at night and I went to bed wondering if I would have time to make the Mona Lisa. I dreamed about what I was going to do in the morning.

The sun was just about to show itself and I proceeded to do Leonardo’s masterpiece. Do I do it cartoon style or do I do it realistically? I knew I didn’t have enough time because not only did I have to make the sketches, the text, then, after all of the painting, I would still need to let it dry. Cartoon style is easy. Classical style is difficult.

I pondered and said, I’d do it the hard way. I liked the challenge.  Splish splash I was at it again. 4 hours later, it was done. Behold my Mona Lisa!


I know her face looks kinda weird. But hey, I was running out of time and  I think people will get the idea.

My good deed was done. People loved it.

“That’s amazing Raoul!” said Michelle.

“Dude, that’s freakin’ awesome!” said Miguel.

“That looks great Raoul!” said Anna.

My good deed was done. End of story.


The final look: