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With the advent of stock photos online, many businesses have access to photographs and illustrations that were only available to big budgeted companies. However, that means the same photos are also available to your competitors. That means there is no exclusivity for the use of those images (for the most part). Often, your competitors choose the same related images since they share the same industry. It is not uncommon to see the same image used by two competing displays in trade conventions. Talk about Branding Confusion! So how can you stand out in this sea of plain-Jane advertising?

WYNK Marketing can produce an original illustration for your institutional needs. These high resolution images can be in dramatic black and white or in tantalizing color. Furthermore, they can be rendered in a variety of mediums. We can lay it out for you in print or in the internet. We can print business cards, posters, billboards and everything else in between. Give us a call and let's brainstorm on that perfect piece of original art.


There is a reason why Google is so successful. They provide an investigative service better than anyone else in the world. They developed an algorithm that will find accurate information people are looking for among the billions of websites in the whole world. To have your website ranked at the top of people's searches is important for a company's survival. Millions of dollars are budgeted to attain and sustain the top position. That kind of lucrative revenue attracts many unscrupolous (so-called) SEO specialists who spam unsuspecting business owners --- "There's a sucker born every minute."

Some SEO companies do internet "hocus pocus" and create artificial importance to your site and push you to the top. But Google eventually discovers the scheme so they penalize and blacklist your company. Getting back to Google's good graces will be extremely hard. You might as well change your identity.

And there's this thing called SOCIAL MEDIA. This is where Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. enter the picture. Essentially it's a popularity contest where the ones with the most "friends" wins. Now are you totally SEO confused?

WYNK takes a different approach to the madness. First of all, being top ranked isn't the only strategy. Sometimes it isn't the best way to spend your limited budget. Let that sink in a bit.

Try us out. Let's discuss your alternatives.


Professional video is the perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy. Video is the ideal medium for telling your company story in a way that is modern and engaging. Now you can tap into the power of video to expand your digital footprint.

We now offer professional video production services to our clients, anywhere in North America. From ordering to delivery, creating your very own professional video is easy, fast and fun! Just sit back and watch your story unfold.



Marketing is a foundational activity that allows you to understand what makes your product or service desirable to the consumer and why they should choose you instead of your competition.

Successful marketing requires careful coordination of the promise in your ad with the actual experience of the user.

We love dreamers. Many times our client would come in with so many ideas floating around and we step in and interpret their story into a clear visual, narrative that will attract their target customers.

Call us and WYNK can help you sort out your options. Tell us how you currently market your product/service and we'll let you know how you can improve your efforts.