Fake Costco Promo

Fake Costco Promo

If you get an email like this one from Costco or some other company, just permanently delete it. It’s fake. One easy way of telling it’s fake is if you get an email from a company that you do not have an account with.


This spam email is designed to update their database to know that your email address is a live one. If you click on it, expect a lot more spam emails after that.

Do not trust this website: American-Choices.com


Here are the words, names and other fake content you will see:

Costco giftcard

Congratulations, Walter!

✉ REMINDER: Offer expires after 12 May

It’s your turn to get this Costco card today!

Walter Tuero


Cards left: 15

ra***@wy***********.com&agent=itnetdata" data-id="3605280305">GET YOUR REWARD

#Last weeks winners
Mary Beal
Jade Wenthworth
Claire Galway
Sebastian Reynell
Ryder Bradley
Anthony Denison
Xandra Mulcan
Vennessa Westdoor

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This one is a graphic file. No real text. The whole picture links to a fake website:

Do not trust this website: Rigsnoisily.fun

This is where the link goes: http://rigsnoisily.fun/etc.

Just delete!